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For more than ten years, I have used sanitary napkin to greet my periods, because all the women around me have been so, and I have never thought to change, and I have suffered a lot of SINS for many years.

飦?sanitary napkin of advantages:

1.After thinking again and again, in addition to the replacement is more convenient, really can't think of what should be praised

飦?the shortcoming of sanitary napkin

1. Uncomfortable.Especially in summer, hot and humid, skin sensitive girl is easy to get eczema, abnormal itch is uncomfortable, try a variety of brands, generally speaking the difference is not big.And sitting on a pool of blood all day long, and thinking that it's dirty and awkward, especially for people with mild cleanliness.

It's easy to miss.I am afraid that no girl has ever experienced the awkwardness of wearing a trouser skirt and a bedspread. The days of peace have the same peace. Unfortunately, the days have been filled with all kinds of misfortunes.

Unhygienic.After menstrual blood flow and oxygen contact is easy to breed bacteria, change does not have the health hazard.The package of a single sanitary napkin is not sealed and it is very unsanitary in the bag.

Not green.It is said that a woman's lifetime sanitary towel can be filled with a truck.And every napkin can't be filled when it's discarded, so it's a waste of its own.

No secrets.When aunt summer comes, a dress without a pocket to go to the toilet will always be hidden, or must carry a bag.In the classroom from the bag of sanitary napkin in the classroom is always afraid to be seen by the boys, very inconvenient.

Inconveniences.Don't talk about swimming. I'm afraid you can't do it.

Although sanitary napkin has many shortcomings, she is also my youth's memory, express sincere thanks.

About the tampons

I had known for a long time that there was a tampon, and I had seen o.b. in a box, but I never thought of trying until I went to study in the United States last year.Tampons in the American supermarket occupy half of the mountain, and the sanitary towel has been beaten for years.I used Tampax Pearl, plastic catheter, light, regular, and super. All three models have been used, and summarized as follows:


1. Comfortable.After the three models put in, basically have no feeling, completely rid of the sanitary towel's hot and humid feeling, is a great liberation.It's okay to be a runner. You can't swim.

2. Easy to use.Plastic catheters are pushed into convenient and dirty hands without touching the inside of the body.I can see other posts on the Internet, and I have done a lot of homework online before I tried the tampon.In addition to plastic catheters, there are paper tubes and tampons, and there are no catheters, like o.b., which are pushed directly into the fingers, without trial and comment.

Easy to carry.Small volume, grasp in hand to compare concealment.There are two different types of plastic catheters. Tampax is a long catheter, which can be more subtle.

More hygienic.Cotton is absorbed through the body, blood is not in contact with oxygen, it is not easy to breed bacteria.Tampons are generally sealed and packed in a more hygienic bag.Just be careful to wash your hands carefully before replacing them.

3. And tampons are more environmentally friendly.

飦?sliver defect

1. Must be replaced on time, cannot wait.The sanitary napkin is full of when the fruit is not convenient to replace, can still support for a while.Once the tampon is full, it will leak out immediately, even if there is a cushion for a short time.For me, the first day or two will be replaced by super, which can be changed for up to three hours, and it is easy to make mistakes if you encounter classes, meetings, and inconvenient changes.

2. Since the tampon can't stay in the body for too long, I am afraid to use it, but it is a pity that sleeping is the time when I most need her.

3. A small piece of string of cotton strips was dragged outside and the toilet was afraid of getting dirty.

4. There will be chemical additives in the process of cotton processing, although sanitary napkins are also available, but the long time to put them into the body, the hidden danger is bigger, and the long-term use will not be assured.I heard that there are completely green and no additives, but the price is too expensive to use.

In addition to absorbing blood, the tampon also absorbs other secretions, resulting in internal dryness.

In view of the advantages of the tampons, I was planning to bring home many of them, but I was worried about the shortcomings of article 4 and did my homework again, and found this magical species of the menstrual cup.

I have used my fear of who is holding a tampon. Before returning to China, I decided to buy the Lunette small blue menstrual cup on amazon, which has been used for more than half a year, and decided that this life would be her.(not to advertise, the foreign menstrual cup brand is very much, there are moon cup, lady cup, etc., but have not used no say, so I used to talk about feeling.There are different brands on youtube, video, and You can see the conditions. Lunette is also seen to be suitable for Oriental and first-time users.

飦?strong> menstrual cup advantages

1. It goes without saying that if used properly, it can take ten years, and it is very comforting to think about how much resources are saved.

2. Safety.Most menstrual cups are made of medical silicone, which is stable and does not need to worry about additives like a cotton swab, nor does it absorb other secretions.After each use boiling water boil disinfection also very comfortable, each brand also has special disinfectant to sell.

Convenient and comfortable.It won't feel as long as you put it in the right place.I don't need to change as often as a cotton strip. I usually change the first two days of the first two days, and I can sleep at night without any problems.Even if full of overflow also don't want to think of a cotton strip just to leak out, as long as pad a cushion, general all time processing.(the menstrual cup has a very detailed introduction on the Internet.)

飦?menstrual cup shortcomings

1. It takes a little skill to put and take out, and it takes a few months to practice.I don't know if I'm full, so I'm going to have to figure it out on my own.

2. Menstrual cup need to be cleaned after each take out, in the public toilet cubicle generally no running water, I'll take a cup of boiled water flushing, some inconvenience, do not have this problem completely in the home, also don't need to change many times a day.There must also be careful hand washing, otherwise there will be health risks.

3. The bleeding heart is used with caution.


  Personally, Woman is the only one herself who treats her best in her best point, and how she feels, like drinking water, being warm and self-aware, has nothing to do with anyone else.From a biological standpoint, the menstrual period   is difficult to escape,This is  the fate of the woman, the only thing we can do is to minimize the special period of the trouble and pain

   Modern medical science and technology has brought maternal many convenient, but the way we now treat the big aunt and paper seems to be no essential difference between the ancients placemat pad, so really looking forward to have further scientific and technological innovation in this regard, at the same time a new train of thought to open its product promotion, don't let the women in the dark, all all the thing needed is  just to consider which one to be thinner and breathable sanitary napkin more safety.Now, of course, being able to talk about the great aunt itself, like talking about eating and sleeping, is a social advance in itself.

   So this is why some people like sanitary napkin and some people like tampons or some people like menstrual cup. So the sanitary napkins wholesale business and wholesale tampons business  are great because so many women like these two kinds products and want to use them in their periods.  Edited by Glory Girl Pads

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