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 Ten years later, in 1999, the company that was bought by procter & gamble quietly hit the shelves in nanjing, but quit again a year later.

 Someone summed up, this is because as a late modern country, at the time, China is still in the transition from agricultural civilization to the modern society, and the lack of more social tool in the process of identity.People are less "comfortable" than they are now, preferring to spend money where others can "see".

 Perhaps, but tampons were not popular ,not only in mainland China, the elephant guild once wrote in the article: "Japan in east Asia (Japan, the special commodity experience of be particular about society, can have a infinite small improvement on the sanitary napkin, but not large-scale popularization improvement of tampons), South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other places, although the economy is highly developed, but still occupy the mainstream sanitary napkin.

 Per person in the region of the menstrual period women tampons sales are below 25 only, and A women who use a tampon in a year  normal can use USES at least 100 tampons, shows that more than three-quarters of people don't use tampon.

China is particularly conspicuous in its rejection of tampons.

Why is that?

A virgin complex is a topic that can't be avoided.

  Mr Trump's rise to power proved at least one thing: the political correctness of the outside world and the personal choice inside was always two things.

No one admits to having a virgin complex, but everyone knows that there is still a lot of social pressure on the virgin complex (not to mention the fact that the virgin complex are going to get their ground back).

  Although tampons diameter is less than the hymen opening size, would not damage hymen, but the hymen hole (the hymen is not a "membrane") the shape of the size is different from person to person, it is said that there is a sieve), there is always a probability, no one dared promises.

 There are too many popular science stickers on the Internet.

Of course, the common sense is that there are always more non-virgins than virgins, and why are married women so far away from tampons?

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